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This is our dream

Dear friend,

This article is to offer some scholarships, and to explain how is to study with us. If you like it, send us your opinion and why do you deserve it. If you do it, you are going to win a scholarship that can range from 15 to 95%.

Our dream is to help you to grow. This is how we do it.

“We are a complement and an alternative to the traditional educational system. Like other institutions, we give technicians, bachelor’s degrees… and also consultancies and other services. But we differ from a traditional institution in some aspects designed to give you great benefits. For example, our courses are about 80% online. Also we do not have exams, because we prefer to evaluate projects, but real projects. We have programs to internships and to entrepreneurship.”

Also we believe in christian values, in emotional inteligence, in leadership and in a integral grown of the people.

Why do we do it ?:

Imagine Santiago with me. It is the name we will give to a father who was fired after 35 years, because he became obsolete. Or maybe he is a 23-year-old boy who can not get a job because he has no experience. The problem is that something we must change in a system that now “prepares” people to later suffer that.

Probably you have a lot of habilities and this is not a problem for you, because if you continue reading this probably your are a person interested in make a change in the world. But we want to make your dreans a little easier for you. So we would like to prepare you for the 21st century, regardless of your age. We this dream, we design everything this. We give careers, but with scientific concepts applied to how we educate, considering many researches made to the brain and human behavior. That’s what they call neuroeducation. And it is part of the principles we have.

We know that the age for which the current system was developed has already finished. We are in the fourth industrial revolution. Also we know the world is changing fast. not alway in a good way. We want to make te difference.

We have our own platforms so you can catapult your projects, which many times will be evaluated by successful professors in their profesions. We offer the support of the International Redeemed Christian University, located in North Carolina, United States. They believed in our project.

Location: we have laboratories in San Pedro, San José. And we are preparing to open some more places in Costa Rica and in other countries.  We are creating aliances for this. Those are a complement to our online platform MyBlessU.com.

Titles in Costa Rica: Thanks to our North American support, you will receive the title of our company but also you have the option of the international title of the North American University. When you graduate, you can start the process in CONARE.

Our recommendation: Take the bachelor’s degree with us, while you develop your company. We will certify you in the form of 4 technicians. When you complete the 4, you will have almost complete your the bachelor degree.

For example, the bachelor’s degree in Software Development. You will get 4 technicians of 30 credits each one (for example, Business Digitalization + Mobile Development + Web Development + Tools for entrepreneurs). So, at the end, you are going to have 120 credits. So, cause the title of the American university has an additional cost for the entire process, you pay it until you have complete the bachelor’s degree, instead of paying each technician separately.

More added values:

Teachers and students can sell their professional services in the BlessSolutions.com network. They will work with clients. And they will earn a commission for obtain them. We give training and tools for that.

The students and companies that are studing with us can obtain with special benefits computer equipment for their study.

We have tools to help our entrepreneurial students to sell more and make grow their business.

Everything is a single super community to grow its members

Who can study with us?:

We work with company teams, students just graduated from schools, professionals who wish to update, advanced students of careers, etc.


There are additional costs, such as bringing the North American title to Costa Rica, being part of the marketing platforms we have, or receiving additional services. However, most of the basic technicians currently have a cost of $130 per month, plus taxes.

Careers (bachelor’s degree):
-Software development.
-Digital marketing.
-Digital Business.
-Ministerial training.

Our question:

What are your motivations and your reasons? Can we give you a competitive advantage according to your the dreams?


If as the projec you select an internship, it could be with us. Or, if there is availability, with a client. In this case, for Technicians that apply (such as Business Digitalization), there are spaces to pay an important part of the price of the course with the hours contributed to the project of the internship. These, like the studies, sometimes can be complete in an important percent from your home.

Rescue of SMEs:

If you have fail in a SMEs, we applaud you. This is how we learn. Keep going, and let us help you by provide you with tools and helping you develop, sell and manage a solution to the problem you want that your small business solve. We have something to propose to you. Join our network

Are you a big company ?:

We also have trainings, even customized for big teams. And commissions, for those who recommend us with an organization, if thanks to it they hire us for a course.

What do we dream ?:

We plan to support new generations of leaders, giving training, while growing economically.


We also have scholarships by our foundation, for which you can ask.

Contact Us:

Write us to the email info@myblessu.com, or by clicking on the contact way that you prefer:

Facebook Chat.
To our Whatsapp.

1 octubre, 2018

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